2017 “Somos Punks” Galeria La Sala, Santiago de Chile

2014 “Sueños del otro” Galeria Sientoxciento , Santiago de Chile

2013 Thinking of you : Galeria MILM2 Santiago de chile

2010 Polaroid de los dos, Marian Spore, Gallery Center, Collective multimedia exhibition, featuring another 10 artists, 6 polaroid, paper collage, glass, framed. Brooklyn New York.

2008 MAKE ME OFF, Big format Pictures creating by collages and masking tape. Centro de eventos Pablo Johnson,Santiago de Chile.

2007 Absolute Guapa Ni Olvido Ni Perdon Bar Restaraunt ¨Guapa¨; Collective exhibition, 73 polaroids about the disappearance during the dictatorship. Sponsored by Absolut Vodka, Santiago de Chile.

2006 Luz Inverno Sala Alto las Condes ; Collective exhibition, 6 photographers transform an urban location into a gallery. Public exhibition on the street. 16 lamba prints 150mt x1mt. Sponsored by Alto Las Condes, Santiago de Chile.

2005 Shenga La Warrior Casa de Eventos Pablo Johnson ; performance with artist Catherina Purdy, live performance and installation. Santiago de Chile.

2004 Pictures of Shoes Museo de Arte Contemporaneo MAC ; Collective exhibition, 5 color print negatives 150mt x 1.5my each print. Sponsored by Puma, Santiago de Chile.

2004 Retratados Casa Correos de Chile ; 14 color prints. 50cm x 30cm each. A portrait series, fifteen Chilean photographers and their perspectives toward the dictatorship, Santiago de Chile.

2003 Pictures in Times Galleria La Sala ; Collective exhibition, 70cm x 50cm each print. Sponsored by Swatch, Santiago de Chile.

2003 Literarte Sala Espacio ; Collectvie exhibition, 3 color prints, 70cm x 50cm each print. One writer and one photographer make a unique picture. Collaboration with Juan Radrigan.

2003 Urban Culture Galeria Cecilia Palma ; 14 Large format color prints lamba. 150mt x 1mt each print. Sponsored by Lucky Strike, Santiago de Chile

PUBLICATIONS (collective books)

2007 Pictures of you , PUMA BOOK, Santiago de Chile

2006 Luz Inverno , Santiago de Chile.

2006 Vitacura en Imágenes, Santiago de Chile.

2006 Blank Book Diesel by Montalva ,Santiago de Chile.

2005 Imágenes Del Tiempo ,Santiago de Chile.

2003 Retratados, Santiago de Chile.

2003 La esquina es mi corazon ,cover for Chilean Writer PEDRO LEMEBEL 1st series, Santiago de Chile.

2003 Urban Culture , Santiago de Chile.

2002 Arte En Su Espacio, Santiago de Chile.


2008 Gold Award, Lodon International Awards for Peugeot 207 campaign, England

2006 Sol de Oro Award, Palmas Del Sol Festival Iberoamerica Publicitario for Peugeot 105 campaign , Spain.


10/11 I was recently selected to participate in 2010-2011, Levi’s compaign ,WORKERS,featuring new talent, shot by Melodie McDaniel.